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XL bully ban and animal welfare

Xl Bully Ban and the UK Government

An island of dog (animal) lovers.

The average citizen of the UK is an animal lover its not limited to dogs but the UK government has no interest of implementing a system to better the welfare of any animals including dog’s, a system like the one I propose below would also create jobs and would help the economy as well as educate owners how an animal wants and should be treat (dog, cat, rabbit etc).

The pure fact is that dogs are lovely animals and generally act as you would expect them to and its all down to training, just like human children they are told what is right and wrong and they are able comprehend this, the fact is simply down to the owners of the dogs not educated enough to know what and how a dog should be trained and looked after and what a dog’s needs are.

Despite the facts and figures that are portrayed in the media (a overwhelming number of dog bites reported are from small dogs), the government has and always will take the easy way out and instead of doing the right thing for animal and the citizens of the UK, they will always take the easy way out.

I have contacted Emma Hardy labour MP about putting in place the dog license again and making owners legally responsible for the actions of there pets but she replied with the Government is going to ban them and she showed no interest in pushing the fact that there is a better way then a ban of breeds.

I find it disgusting that the politicians will not push for the life of an animal, they are apart of our families and deserve there life to be equal to ours but then again politicians are above the law as seen recently with all the scandals and do not care of the will of the population.

Its so clear that it is the fault of the owners and not a breed that is renown for been a great family pet, even politicians should be able to see this as it does not take common sense to know this.

My solution

My solution is an idea to build upon to increase the welfare of animals and there owners, create employment and push more funds into the economy (also increase tax intake).

  • Make animal owners have a license.
    This will allow the government to have statistics of animals and owners in the UK
  • Mandatory training course for owners
    This training course would give owners of different animal types knowledge of the needs and requirements of the animals they want to keep, this would increase the animals welfare. (1 time only for each type of animal, dog, cat, rabbit, etc)
  • Mandatory basic training for animals
    This basic training for dogs would be basic obedience, lead training etc.
    The animal would only have to do this once obedience has been resulted.
  • Yearly vet visits
    Not only for boosters but also health check to see if the owner is been responsible in the welfare of the animal, a kind of MOT where the vet would highlight any concerns on a database, this could be to educate the owners or more training needed for the animal.

A system like this would not cost a lot, its only a couple of databases and these are pennies to create if you don’t award the contract to a friends company and you don’t get kick back from that company ( we all know it happens).

This form of system is better for  animal welfare and the owners understanding the wants and needs of there animal will make owning a pet more rewarding, this will also create jobs in the animal training and in veterinary practices that will create a higher vat return for the government and better economic outlook.


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