Installing Redis

You can speed up your websites by using Redis, its an in memory data store that can be used with WordPress cache plugins to speed up the loading time of your websites.


In the terminal type

sudo apt update
sudo apt install redis-server -y


Install all Redis PHP extensions

sudo apt install php-redis -y


or install them manualy if you need them with

apt install phpX.X-redis

With X.X been the PHP version you want to install (i.e. php7.4-redis for PHP7.4)


Enable Redis to load up when the system is rebooted

sudo systemctl enable redis-server


Edit Redis config file /etc/redis/redis.conf

sudo nano /etc/redis/redis.conf


Find and update the following

maxmemory 256mb
maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru
bind to
supervised no to spervised systemd


Restart Redis with the new settings

sudo systemctl restart redis-server