In this article we will be configuring Hestiacp web panel to use your own nameservers.

with this we will be taking the nameservers away from you domain name suppliers nameservers and letting hestiacp handle it for you.

logging into The Hestiacp Web Panel

To login to the Hestiacp web panel you will take the information supplied after we installed the panel and log into it via our browser.


Replace the local ip address with the one that was supplied after the installation was complete and login with the supplied credentials.

username: admin
password: the one you set

If you installed on an old laptop or hardware on your local network and do not have a VPS or DPS then you can use the local servers IP address

Once logged into the web panel click on packages.

Edit Default Package

Under DNS

  • Change DNS Template to Child-NS
  • Change Name Servers to

The hostname  is the one you set when installing (fully qualififed domain name)

Changing the Name Servers from you domain registrar

I am gioing to use 123-reg as an example as it is a simular process for all domain name registrars.

Login to the control pannel of your domain name provider and select the Domain name that you are configuring for your Hestiacp Web Panel.

Under this section you should be a list of options including DNS, advanced DNS and Name Server.

You need to find the change name servers option.

here you will enter

External IP address of your server

External IP address of your server


It can take upto 24hrs for the changes to be complete

Changing DNS Zone Settings in Hestiacp

Now go back to Hestiacp panel and click on DNS

Edit the DNS Zone

Change the following

Click on DNS

Click on "Edit DNS Zone"


Change Template to Child-ns


The SAO should be the NS1.DomainName you set earlier.

HestiaCP should now resolve all he Domain names for you when an account has the enabled package

Adding the initial user
Hestiacp overview