What is Hestiacp?

Hestia Control Panel is designed to provide administrators an easy to use web and command line interface, it is a web control panel for deploying websites with or without email servers.

It is classed as an all in one solution for your webhosting needs that include DNS zones, antivirus, databases and more all accessable form a web panel that also intergrates F2A.

How much does it costs?

Hestia Control Panel is activley developed and costs absoulutly nothing, it is developed free of charge from love of the project.

Hestiacp is a folk of vestacp that is no longer in development and improves on all the features that where once standard in vestacp.


Hestia Control Panel support can be gained via:

There support channels are active and even though I mainly use the forum questions are usually answered within an hour or shorted.
It is also advised to search for a topic on there forum as questions are usually already answered, leaving the deveopers to develop there panel instead of answering reoccuring questions.

Why run your own web/email servers?

I mainly see the advantages in running your own servers as a cost cutting measure in stead of paying £50+ a month for a VPS or more for a dedicated web server you can run it off an old laptop or other low powered mini PC saving you £££.

My main focus on hestiacp is small businesses that have small to little budgets and want a web presence but dont have spare funds to put into a VPS or DPS.

Installing Hestiacp