Welcome to EVE LBS Studio, here we cover an expanding range of topics to help people with daily life, owning a business, vitrualising business services, saving money and more.

Self Hosting Websites and Email servers

Hestiacp is a web control panel that intergrates Web and Email services with antivirus, spamassassin, FTP and SSL.

It is free and easy to use and can enable you to save lots of money hosting you’re self and ditching the VPS/DPS providers.Read More »

Virtualising your services with Proxmox

Coming soon

Save money and time by bringin your servers under one roof on one Vitrualisation Server.

There is no need to have seperate servers and spend lots of money on hardware, software and electricity to run them when you can virtualise them and only have one server running and providing the services that currently cost alot to maintain and run.Read More »

Earn a passive income

Passing income is something we all would like with little to no maintainence that is cheap and easy to setup.

Mysterium Network is a decentralised VPN that allow individuals and businesses to setup end and run end nodes as part of the virtual private network infrastructure and we get pain for running this end node.Read More »

Saving money in you're household


How to save money on you’re utility bill’s with some simple and easy idea’s and advice.Read More »