Cave scene in game screen shot

The company was formed after working with Unity then going to UE4 and finding that while UE4 was easier to work with it still lacked features and a user interface that was friendly to us and new users, then we found Skyline Game Engine a indie project that is based in the UK that has been developed out of love for the engine by the development team.

We found that the company listened to our concerns about what was lacking with the other indie and AAA game engines and implemented features and user requests to make there software as good as it can be.

In 2018 we will see the 2nd generation of the Skyline Game Engine come out of development and hit there shop and further down the line it will be hitting steam, after paying a small fee for the engine it is totally royalty free and as features are rolled out the system will auto update via steam and there own updater (for none steam installations) but for major updates they may be a small fee involved.

The software has been in development for a long long time and is as stable as ever and we are looking forward to getting our projects up and running with 20km x 20km terrains.

Currently only exporting to the windows platform but Linux etc is planned for the future.

When the development platform reaches rev 1.0 and its the shops so to speak we will be working on our first game project with photo realism assets and more..