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What is a Mysterium Node

A Mysterium node is a VPN endpoint that you can run to earn $Myst crypto currancy.

If you’re looking at earning a passive income you can easily do this with minimal upkeep of the hardware/software, all you have to do is update the node now and then or you can easily set up automatic updates and forget about it.

On average as the economy at the end of 2022 I am earning around £50 a month in the UK as passive income and you can to with this tutorial series.

The node uses your unused bandwith and is mostly suitable for Unlimited ISP plans, you will earn the most if you are running it from a residential intternet connection and the rewards are best if your setting it up in the west of Europe and USA.

The node allows users to use your node as an exit point of the VPN to allow unlocking of media content like Netflix UK, Netflix US etc etc.

You can select to allow public access to your endpoint (node) or only let Mysteriums business partners use it (safest way).

On an average day I get around 100GB downloaded via Mysteriums business partners with zero risk of external IP address been used for things it should not be.

What data is kept?

The whole point of the Mysterium network is to prvide a decentralised VPN so no data is stored about a user or node runner, this means no logs of access of a user of an endpoint a meaning unlike private VPN’s that keep a log of all the VPN users sites and data accessed and locations.

My router has 2-way IPS (Intrusion prevention system)  it prevents any user of my network accessing sites they should not be accessing and prevents anyone trying to intrude on my local network.

Required hardware

The hardware requirements are very small, you can run a node on as little as a Raspberry PI 3 making it super affordable to get a node up and running.

On one of my other articles I show how to setup a virtualisation server called Proxmox on a old laptop or mini PC showing how easy it can be to virtualise all your businesses servers and save more money.

Mysterium Support

Mysterium has support via discord that can be accessed

Run a Mysterium Node

Mysterium node running is a simple to use end node for the Mysterium VPN that is super light and easy to install and maintain and earns you a passive income.