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How to earn a passive income with Mysterium

We have a tutorial to show you how easy it is to earn a passive income by running a VPN endpoint with Mysterium, this follows on from our virtualisation series and installs a Mysterium end-node on a virtual machine or container.

Mysterium is a decentralised virtual private network that does not keep any records of users activities, these activities are not sold on to other companies like other prive company virtual private networks that many people subscribe to.

This is just one aspect of Mysterium others include:

  • Lower price
  • High Speed
  • Pay for what you use not a subscription.
  • Private and secure


So whats envolved?

Basically the end point is a very light weight software meaning it does not need expensive hardware to run and unlike other projects you do not have to buy expensive hardware from the projects creators meaning is costs very little to get started, you can run a Mysterium endpoint (node) on a Raspberry PI 3 its that light weight but in this tutorial we will be running it on a virtual machine or container.


So how do you earn a passive income from running an end point?

Basically as a supplier of hardware to the network you get paid for giving some of your unused bandwith of you’re internet subscription (I have an unlimited package with my internet provider).

When a Mysterium VPN user selects your node as there destination endpoint they pay you from there active wallet for the bandwith, data and session time that they use your endpoing.

example, most people use VPN’s for business related activities and unlocking streaming services such as Netflix as you get different content dependant on what country your Netflix subscription is based, these are just a couple of the actiites that a VPN is used for.


How much canI expect to earn?

As of December 2022 I am earning £50 per month per node passive income.

Tutorial Series

Start earning a passive income with Mysterium VPN Network by following our simple, easy to use tutorial